Save Sugar Magnet

save sugar refrigerator magnet
This item is a reproduction of the Save Sugar World War I poster on a 2” x 3” magnet.

This poster was originally created for use by the U.S. Food Administration in 1918. It shows a scale weighing a bowl of sugar against a pitcher of syrup, encouraging citizens to consume less sugar during the war.

During World War I, the impact of the poster as a means of communication was greater than at any other time during history. The ability of posters to inspire, inform, and persuade combined with vibrant design trends produced thousands of interesting visual works.

The original artwork has been digitally restored and enhanced by me, then printed onto a 2” x 3” full back magnet. The magnets have a protective mylar cover on them which is exceptionally durable and helps protect against water damage, scratching and denting.


$3.00 each

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